December 1st, 2018


Things are Happening

Progress on the latest mosaic. Concerned that I may run out of the white and couldn't find more at Goodwill yesterday. I'll figure out something.

Rain last night washed away the snow, very glad to see it gone. Hoping the rain has stopped and the boxes of holiday decorations can be toted in. Next weekend the tree goes up.

My granddaughter met her father for the very first time. She has wanted to have this meeting since she was a child and it happened at last in a purely serendipitous way. There are plans made for future meetings. Time will tell. He is not reliable. The resemblance is striking. I think she is mature enough to handle any disappointment and her mom is doing ok with it all.

Christmas shopping nearly complete. I am way ahead of schedule, got started and couldn't stop. The task now is to cease buying.

The stack of dishcloths is growing.

Just started reading "The Witch Elm" by Tana French.

That's enough for now.