November 6th, 2018


Hughes Cemetery - Family History

Hughes Cemetery is located at the edge of a wood miles from any towns. The area was once more densely populated by farm families. Many of them came from Kentucky. My father grew up on a farm not far from the cemetery and the first of my family to settle here make it their final resting place.

Daughter no. 2 took me there and we took only one small detour which put us in a field from which we could see the tombstones, but not the gate. After extricating the car from the somewhat soggy field, we found the gate and I took a few pics.

Not so much to take pictures of sadly. Having not been there in years, time and weather had taken their toll. Many of the stones were sunk deep and are unreadable, others lie flat on the ground or are broken. Quite glad that I have been there before and have earlier pics of the grave markers.

Had planned to make some rubbings on some silk remnants, but spaced that out and it was cold, windy, wet and carpeted with leaves any way. Another time, but soon before all the words are erased.

We had a nice lunch at a nearby small town and did some shopping. They actually have a Ben Franklin store there with loads of craft supplies. Daughter bought stocking stuffers. I found a Christmas ornament for oldest granddaughter.

Came back to Moberly and stopped one more time to see if daughter could find dress pants for new job coming up next week. No luck, but she bought me a pair of those skinny leg jeans. I've been stubbornly hanging on to my bell bottoms, maybe I will wear the new ones. We shall see.

Rode 20 minutes on the stationary bike yesterday and right now my back is screaming so I'm going to lie down and read. I do not like DST. I do not like it Sam I am. I will probably fall asleep and then be up at 4 a.m. again like this morning. I wish they would just either keep it or ditch it, transitioning is a bitch.

OH, and I voted at about 8 a.m. Hopeful that the Compassionate Care Amendment passes and Missouri will become the 32nd state to make medical marijuana legal.