October 3rd, 2018


Small Stuff

Apparently the Homecoming Dance wasn't very exciting since Anah and J left early and went to his house. Much ado about nothing it seems. The build up is what's important, buying the dress, taking pictures, painted toenails etc.   So it seems to me. I, personally, never attended Homecoming when I was in high school, so have no basis for comparison.

Anah, of course, looked lovely to me.  I walked over to see the preparations and Erin grabbed a photo of us together. J was looking dapper as well and they are just soo cute together.

Sunday they tore down the float. Not a prizewinner this year so everyone was disappointed.

Have worked on the sidewalk mosaic the last couple of mornings and I just can't get a great picture of it, but will offer up the crummy ones just to show I am making progress and have started on a second crack.

Currently finishing up a P.D. James mystery, "An Unsuitable Job for a Woman." Not sure how I missed this one, but I did. I am embarrassed at the number of books I have recently acquired. I keep reading these lists and reviews and then adding the books to my "to read" stack. I am going to need another bookcase soon.

Went to knitting club yesterday morning, but still am not finding it to be a good fit for me. Might try again next week. I keep reading that social interaction is important in old age. While working on my current project (the lace sock) I was talking instead of paying attention and so came home and had to frog a number of rows. Yuck. If I go again will take a simple project that requires no thought.

With the husband's worthy assistance finished up whacking back the brush from the fence on the east side of the house. Not enough sun could get through and the lilacs were suffering. I've been sore since doing all that work, but not too bad.

Most of the garden is now done, but I picked a couple of gallons of green beans yesterday. We really need rain again and am hopeful that Thursday's 80% chance becomes a reality.

Continuing to dig through records and add to the family tree and have made contact with some distant cousins through the DNA testing. Thanks to fauxklore for suggesting uploading the raw DNA to a couple of free sites to see if I can make more connections.

Countdown to a trip to The Elms....10 days. I do love those spa vacations!

I haven't dug out my Halloween decorations. I really haven't thought I wanted to do so. How unusual. Halloween has long been my favorite holiday. Like so much else am I leaving it behind? Just seems like too much work, but could maybe make myself get out my favorite witch, decorate the bay window? I bought this 50 cent plant stake for inspiration.