August 10th, 2018


Autumn. I'm Waiting

I stayed up till 10 to finish watching the end of Season 2 of "Broadchurch." I'm hung up on the lead detective's accent and he's small and smarmy, so my kind of guy. I never stay up till 10. I'm practicing for tomorrow night's live music. Although daughter no. 2 did say she would drive me to her house if I got too tired. I am hopeful that does not happen. It will lower my score on "trying to get out more" and "having fun."

This morning I pulled the final lot of carrots and ended up with 2 gallon bag, one of purple and one orange. Some of those suckers are HUGE. But, when cutting into them seem tender. I'm keeping them for now. Probably need to pull the beets next week. I say I am not planting carrots, eggplant brussels sprouts, or peppers next year. Time will reveal all on that issue. I get so excited in the spring and I forget.

I made an error in the latest pair of socks. They are a lace pattern and I often screw up that type of work. Unable to fix the mistake, I frogged the 20 rows I had done and started over. Perhaps here in a minute I'll pick it up again and do some more.

Immediately after I ripped out all those hard worked rows, the best thing I could do is lay it aside which is what I did. Then went to the local hardware store and acquired some "stuff" that will mend cracks in sidewalks which I am going to use to fill the cracks and turn them into small mosaics.

It's seriously hot still. The summer seems eternal. I want to move to Canada. Seriously. The nice aspect is cool nights (in the high 60's F) so mornings are pleasant.

Got some chicken breasts out of the freezer but now have now concreted ideas as to how to cook them. If I get hungry that could change.

Need an Underdog Super Energy Pill or I'll just end up sitting here on my butt again. Oh, but wait, I did two 5 minute sessions on the stationary bike. More than that and my femoral nerve starts to scream. Can't have that.

Off to fill some more time.