July 17th, 2018


Writing not much...reading a lot

I look at the keyboard and nothing happens.

Hmmm...picking numerous tomatoes, so tomato pie coming up soon. Cut broccoli at last, curious if it will taste good after all the heat.

Spent last evening with the kids singing along with Paul Simon.

Started the bottle mosaic.

Almost finished with "Fates and Furies" which is not a stand out novel for me, but the prose is good. Too much sex. It bores me. Another sign I'm old.

Housekeeper comes today, preparing myself for her ceaseless babbling. If I  had somewhere to go I might.

Intrigued by the work of Jordan Peterson so started his book, "12 Rules for Life." My grandson turned me on to him. Am enjoying video chats with said gson who is smart and interesting.

Thinking about a BLT for breakfast. 

Looking forward to cooler temps tomorrow, high of 84, maybe more rain on Thursday.

Guess I should get busy before Chatty Cathy arrives. She really is a sweet person and cleans the house well, just never shuts up.