June 23rd, 2018



Arrived home on Tuesday afternoon, physically and emotionally exhausted. Ten hours crossing Kansas is a very long time in the back seat of a.vehicle. Because The Elms is only 30 minutes from Kansas City, we stopped there instead of pushing ourselves the remaining two hours to home. They granted us a 2:00 checkout time so we had hottub  and pool time along with a great breakfast, salvaging a bit of vacation after all.

We drove home in a blinding thunderstorm. The rain stopped about 2 miles from home. We've had a couple of showers since but not enough to do more than settle the dust.

Since being home I have mostly been ill and slept a lot.

Today I see improvement in my health and my attitude and I got up and out and managed some garden time. The zucchini are rolling in and the Japanese eggplants are producing well.

Erin cooked some delicious Thai food today which I loved. Incredibly enjoyable to sit down to a home cooked meal and do nothing but eat.

The zinnias look so pretty especially backed by the blue of the larkspur and ferny asparagus in the background.

I remain tired but that too shall pass.