June 4th, 2018


Waiting to Bathe

The husband is doing his laundry. He took that task over when he retired. But, the water pressure is low here and you can't fill the bathtub and do a load of laundry simultaneously. So while waiting I went outside to the area just east of my bathroom, pulled a few weeds took a few pics, some of which will follow.

Anah continues to have problems with her hip flexor. Her mom talked to the ortho guy this morning and he says that a vacation sounds like just what she needs and so our Colorado adventure is back on. Another statement from same doc is something with which I wholeheartedly agree. He said that kids today are under too much pressure to succeed in so many areas that they have a lot of anxiety issues. And, that coaches only see these kids a body, a way to win and push push push them beyond their physical and emotional limits.

The strawberries are almost done producing. I stopped cutting asparagus. Next up for harvest is the "toi choi" and since it is the first time I have grown this I am unsure about when to cut it. Will research that while in the bath. I plan to stay their for a while. Will take a book and glass of water.

We got a wee bit of rain on Saturday and it has been cool and cloudy since. But, watch out for tomorrow when temps are climbing back to the 90's... UGH. I look forward to the mountains and the cool air.

And yes, that is the machine on spin cycle I hear.

Off to to soak away whatever needs to go.