May 31st, 2018


At Least It's Cloudy

Though there is only a small chance of rain the skies are are overcast with the added benefit of a brisk breeze. It's almost pleasant outside. Went out at 6 and cut the asparagus for the last time. We have had lots and the spears have started to dwindle  along with for my enthusiasm for harvesting.

Other crops look good due to the husband's dedication to watering during this summer of no rain at all. The second planting of French fillet beans is coming up which is gratifying especially so because the seed was costly.  Yesterday I put 3 quarts of strawberries in the freezer. We are apparently sated for the moment with fresh ones.

Anah was not released to go to camp or play tennis. The camp thing was a relief to her because she didn't really want to go, but not to her aunt who had paid the rather enormous fee just so the cousins could go together one more time. Not being able to attend tennis practice is a sore subject as well as weight lifting being a no go. She is making progress and sees the doctor June 12, so hopefully will be improved enough to skip surgery.

We are going back and forth on whether or not to go to St. Louis on Sunday to see Stephen Marley. Today I'll call the venue and see if further info will help us decide. Matisyahu, whom I've never seen is opening and that sways me to saying yes, but whether or not I can be assured of a seat may be the deciding factor.

So far, this summer has been boring and stressful and  my mood swings from depression to panic. Too much time in the house but miserable outside. The recent "holiday" weekend was nice with pool time and great food that I didn't have to cook or clean up afterward.

In a effort to create diversion I cast on a pair of socks yesterday using some hand dyed yarn bought years ago. Not sure I like the colors, but surely someone will.

I was so desperate for something to do that I cleaned the fridge and the drawers in the kitchen. Guess I could do the last closet today or not. The dog is still clean. I could bathe the cats.

Grateful for books or I would truly go mad.