May 15th, 2018


Good Things

After surveying the garden damage and feeling seriously bad for a bit, decided to just get away and joined daughter no. 2 at the monthly blues jam downtown. Music always helps and I was glad I went.  I am much more philosophical about the garden today. Since it's too late in the season to replant some things, I get time off from hard work and sore muscles. The strawberries seem to be ok and looking out the window I can see the buds on the old white rose peeking out. All is not lost, just a little fucked up.

Anah had her appointment with the surgeon yesterday and he wants her to do another month of PT and then a reassessment so great news. That opened us up to being able to go to Colorado in June to hear Ziggy Marley and do touristy things. Had already our purchased tickets  and written them off as a loss, but looks like we'll make it after all. Booked flight last night.

Was going to trim the lilacs today but will put that off till they are drier. And besides I am really sore from working hard yesterday.

The husband is contacting the insurance company about the damage to the car and roof and we have swept the broken leaves off the deck. Time to move forward again, though my plan is to avoid the garden till the plants have some recovery time. But wait, there's still asparagus, guess I'll have to avert my eyes.

Now to mix up a marinade for some chicken breasts and relax. There are always books to read.