May 8th, 2018


Too much

Because of the enduring winter that turned into summer am far behind in in outside work. Trying to catch up. Working every day. Too tired at night to write.

Lack of rain making the whole effort feel useless.

Anah has to have surgery, but can't get into to see the surgeon till May 21 and is in constant pain. Feel so bad for her.

Lainey won the award for best in woodwind. Proud of her.

Still picking spinach and asparagus.

Planted eggplants, jalapenos, and parsley yesterday.

Did battle with the antique roses yesterday too. Bear the scars of that. Really whacked back the white one, hope not too much. There were enough dead canes to fill the trailer, maybe she will be happier now.

Thinking all this work is too much for two old farts, all we do is work and it isn't fun like it used to be.

I don't want to move to town. NO, NO, NO

This entry reads like my brain, jumbled.