April 23rd, 2018


Spinach and Art

So, one task a day, one big thing i.e., not the piddly little chores I do every day like cleaning out the cat box, has become a vague goal for me. Vague, because I'm not much good with goals, but I do try. Today's task was to pick the spinach. This one thing was more than enough for this old woman. First, weather app tells me it's 55 out there. I can do that. But forgetting to investigate wind speed I go out ill prepared. Finished one row and was so cold I had to come in and get a hat which helped, but my fingers were still stiff. Sheesh. Will Spring come? I suppose, I hope, I dream. I want her to arrive, but of course have no control over that.

We own two stainless steels bowls that hold about 3 gallons of produce each. They are known as the "mother bowls" and I filled two of them with spinach today. Giant leaves, bigger than my hand. Praise and adulation to all the spinach gods who have smiled down on us this season. I sauteed some in olive oil with minced garlic..oh yeah! Washed it all and have 3 gallons bags in the fridge. The process took three hours.

After that was completed, it was time to get ready for an art show being presented by a lovely Japanese lady who is the mother of twin girls with whom Anah is close friends. Takes about 45 minutes to get to the college town where her exhibit was located. Took 30 more minutes to figure out the campus, find the right building and a parking place. Her art was interesting and inspiring. Using a connection between Haiku written by a Zen monk and each piece in the exhibit; she created an amazing story. Forgot to mention that I went with Erin and Anah and we all enjoyed the show.

Went to eat, wasn't really hungry. Sat in the car and played on my phone while the kids went into a makeup store to exchange something. By the time they came out I was totally ready to be home in my favorite chair because most of body parts were hurting.

The ride home was intense, filled with deep conversation and old music. We sang. I cried but no one knew. I forgot about the pain. Pulled up in the driveway and Cat Stevens was singing "Where Do the Children Play?" We sat there and sang it all the way through. As I came in the gate I tripped and grabbed the gate for support, oh oh...used the arm with the bad shoulder. More pain, worse pain. But, temporary enough, no drugs needed, as long as I don't try to move it too much, it's great. Even better, its my left arm and I'm right-handed.

Life is, if nothing else, interesting and mysterious.

Weather permitting, my big thing tomorrow is going to be to draw the daffodils blooming in the pasture.

May your dreams hold pleasant surprises.