April 12th, 2018


Tuesday's Adventure

On Tuesday daughter no. 4 and I attended a seminar produced by the Institute for Brain Potential https://www.ibpceu.comand featuring "The Pharmacy in Your Kitchen," an overview of medical and medicinal foods. The speaker was Angelo Pezzote, interesting, informative, intelligent and funny. I liked his approach.

I was highly entertained, managed to have lunch with daughter's no 4 and 2, learned a number of things which I'm sure I'll remember soon. Oh, I took notes. I came away feeling good, buzzed by the learning experience and especially that Erin and I did it together so we had great conversation on the drive home.

What made me think?

Could I eat a more plant based diet? Sure.

There are more bacteria in our gut than there are stars in the entire Universe.

Will loneliness be what kills me? Maybe? Outside of my family I have very little face to face human contact? By choice. But, do I want to alter that?

I can and will change a couple of supplements I take. Already in the Amazon cart. Been taking a probiotic for a long time so might as well switch to one designed for mood enhancement. I can only eat so much yogurt.

"Walking in Nature lowers your blood sugar." Not an issue for me, but my overweight grandson would benefit from this.

Thought this a good acronym for Standard American Diet: SAD.

Sugar is not good for humans nor is the amount of meat many Americans consume. After all, we only have four canine teeth for ripping and tearing flesh.

I am already conscious that what I eat has a huge impact on how I feel, but it was good to have the reinforcement of scientific data and a good teacher>pupil energy exchange.

Happy and grateful that I had this experience. OMG I left the house. :-)

As they say, "You are what you eat." Today I'm fixing a shrimp thing....thang? yet I don't feel particularly small.