April 9th, 2018


HAPPY Birthday Anah

Today is granddaughter Anah's 15th birthday. She is special among my grandchildren in many ways, but mostly because she and her mom lived with us  till she was 5. We have spent a lot of time together.

Saturday Erin, her mother, hosted a simple get together at her house and the whole family was there. Knowing she had an orthodontist appt. and Trent had to see the orthopaedic doc, I had not expected to see them.

So, I was very touched when they showed up here this afternoon because Anah wanted to look at her baby pictures. She got out the albums, and we enjoyed the memories of her tiny self.

The last year has been an adjustment for me as she started high school and became busy with sports and friends. She's starting to grow up. We don't  get together as much.  Sure, it's  natural and I wouldn't have it another way, but those baby pictures made me nostalgic.