March 31st, 2018


The Old Gray Mare

As in the old song "she ain't what she used to be." And, neither am I which became evident when I engaged in further yard work today. Whew. I was certainly much more tired than I thought. Yet, got in another hour and finished clearing the saponaria bed of last fall's leaf cover.

Caught a rainbow on the ceiling today.

Daughter no. 4 is bringing over chicken schwarma, tzatziki sauce, and rice plus we've got lamb chops. Good food and good company lie ahead.  Totally grateful for delicious homemade meal delivered to my door.

In lieu of egg dying, we're going to discuss the possibilities of doing some henna painting tomorrow. If that project gets off the ground, there will be pictures.  First I have to remember where I stored the henna.

Off to ponder possible henna hiding places.