March 30th, 2018


And the Sun Did Shine

As night turned to day this morning it was soon evident that after what had seemed an eternity of rainy days and cloudy weather the skies were clear. The sun shone all day and is still warming the air and making the world green and cheerful. Ah, so fine.

A perfect display of rainbow colors painted the living room wall for a while before moving into the dining room and out of sight.

Temps reached 60 and I got in some yard work, raking away the leaves from one of the paths. Worked an hour this morning and another this afternoon. The husband removed the fallen tree saving the Colorado Blue Spruce from being crushed.

The spinach is in worse condition than I  had thought, but far from dead. Decided to let it grow and not try yet to cut off damaged leaves.

A couple of daffodils are blooming.

There are these

pretty little flowers blooming in the grasses, masses of them. I looked but couldn't find their name either online or in books. Once I knew what to call them, but that file has been deleted.

Surely do feel better in body, mind, and spirit after engaging with Nature.

I refuse to think about the snow predicted for Sunday.