March 26th, 2018


Basic Ark Building

I'm going to need a class in ark construction soon. Today began with thunderstorms that blistered with lightening and exploded in thunder; dropping hail and another 5" of rain. Magnificent storm. 

Daughter #1 was in town picking up kids from track practice and what is usually less than a 10 minute drive turned into an hour searching for a road that wasn't under water. Made it home safely and had numerous adventures on her journey home.

The husband and I sallied forth to explore the damage. The front yard always floods in the same place,  the girls  used to play in the resulting puddle when they were small.

We  drove to the place next to ours and the road was a rushing torrent. Managed one not so good picture. The road is washing badly on both sides, lots of work ahead for the county road crews. Living on the south side of a square as we do, there are two entrances. The west side of the square was flooded but the road passable. On the south we are blocked.

There was a large amount of hail in the storm,  and I was wondering if the spinach had been shredded. I slogged out to see and though it's quite muddy, the spinach is intact.

While watching a 3 part documentary about Jimi Hendrix, I have turned the heel on the sock.

Daughter #2 is in Louisiana with her daughter on vacation. They seem to be having s good time and the weather there is nice.

I am most pleased to report that the pond is now full.

I have yet to use my new pooper scooper and am now wondering if most of the dog woo has melted and washed away. Which would be fine with me.

It is sometimes good to live on the top of a hill.