March 9th, 2018



Spring is close. As I sit here I see any number of robins hopping about on the lawn which is now turned green in many places. Spent some time this morning looking through seed catalogs. Since neither the husband nor I can eat lettuce without ugly consequences I am exploring other greens like this very small Pak Choi which I'm excited to say comes in purple.

Other garden changes include a return to growing a row of old fashioned mustard greens, and no peas this year as they are just too labor-intensive. I will miss those sweet little green orbs. Thinking to add a Savoy type cabbage and changing the way I plant carrots so that they won't all be ready to pull at the same time.

The spinach survived the last snowfall and some of the Valentine's Day lettuce has sprouted. The day lies before me and I'm going to spend it being creative in other ways, drawing, knitting, or a new page in the art journal - maybe. I'm glad to have some really great leftovers so I don't have to cook. I often think if I could give up housekeeping entirely so thatI would have a whole lot more time to do the things I really want to do. But, I never do. So I'll cut back some I'll try not to be so anal, it's been a lifelong struggle LOL.

Daughter number 2 gave me her camera which she no longer uses,  having completely converted to pictures by phone, and I've been spending some time playing with that and watching some videos about its operation. It's a pretty simple point-and-shoot affair an Nikon Coolpix L110. I like it because it's larger than my digital camera and I find that with both the phone and the smaller camera my hands shake too much to get a good image. So I'm very grateful to get this camera and soon we'll get out and take some more pictures for sketching.

I hope everyone recognizes at least one miracle in their life today even if it's just that you managed to get out of bed.