February 28th, 2018


What's Going on and on...

The kids Dallas trip was fun. Many adventures. Standing on concrete for 3 1/2 hrs waiting for Eryka Badu to come on stage was a challenge but all agreed worth the suffering as Ms. Badu totally rocked the house. A visit to a friend of the cousin netted some Sufi type spinning meditation and thought provoking conversation. The King's Spa relaxed everyone and the drive home was uneventful.

On Monday Anah felt ill. Yesterday she had a temp and stayed with me instead of going to school. Slept all day. Seems better this morning, but looks like she'll be going to Urgent Care to rule out secondary infection. Poor kid really doesn't like missing school and track practice.

The husband has also been under the weather, again the gastritis. I am empathetic. Neither one of us has can eat everything we want anymore. Ah how the sensual pleasures do fall away with age.

We've decided not to travel to California for KayaFest. Found a small outdoor festival in Arkansas featuring Stephen Marley, closer, way cheaper, driveable distance and outside.https://www.thefulcrum.live/home.  Plus  Ziggy is playing in Utah in June and that show could be added to a look around Utah which Anah has never seen.

I've been sketching. Cancelled housekeeper due to husband's I'll health so have been cleaning and remembering why I pay someone to do the hard stuff for me.

Warm weather drew me outside yesterday and I took a walk down the road and also a quick visit to the little house and took some inside pics. It has obviously been a while since it's been redecorated. Nice to find the shot of the teepee that once held pride of place near the pond.

Last night the "spring peepers" sang, now that's a sure sign of Spring!