February 22nd, 2018


Things Change

Today I talked to the third old friend in out every other Wednesday lunch group. Ingrid and I had more than broadly hinted to each other that we were ready for a break. We've been doing this for at least 2 maybe 3 years ( too lazy to research that), and though our reasons are slightly different, we want a change. Neither of us like being tied down to a rigid schedule. Understandably, Nikki still works, so requires advance notice. Ingrid and I were old school moms and our lives have been blessedly free of career constraints. I offer this information to underline our main point of agreement, that we want lunch to be spontaneous. We are not liking the obligatory feelings that a rigid schedule stirs up. Once it was out in the open that we do agree (why was it so hard to discuss?)and knowing that Ingrid does not like phones, I volunteered to call Nikki.

I think she felt it was coming. She reassured me that all is well and that she will go back to working on Wednesday. Now all that's left to do is call Ingrid and tell her we all agree that it's  time to let it go for a while. No doubt there are deeper implications and complication,  but I'm trying to keep it simple.

Sad, but a relief.

Kids are leaving this afternoon for Dallas, i.e. Erin and her two. Going to see Eryka Badu in concert, visit Cousin Monica and her son, Gabe and hopefully eat good food and enjoy time away. Erin has been working long hours plus studying for her NP degree, and being single mom to 2 teens. A road trip will, I hope clear her head.

We had more rain last night which plummeting tempss morphed into a shiny glaze on everything. Should be melted in a hour or so- already, dripping. School cancellation offered the kids an earlier start than planned. Rain predicted through the weekend. Though I'm getting kind of tired of being inside, am super grateful for the rain.

Next weekend Tracy and I have reservations at The Elms, our annual spa getaway. Totally looking forward to that trip, especially the facial after which for about an hour I look 10 years younger. Lol