February 19th, 2018


The Weekend

Nice weather prevailed though I didn't get out much. Watched a couple of decent enough movies, Secret Sacramentthough predictable provided a lovely bit of sweet, if heartbreaking romance and a happy ending. Vanessa Redgrave, a favorite of mine was excellent. The other was an Independent Australian flick, Four of a Kind which included sex, murder and betrayal all with that wonderful Aussie accent. It did keep me guessing as to whodunit and though that was not openly resolved I felt sure my guess was correct.

Cooked both days and various offspring showed up to eat. Amazing how they come round when there is food available.

Enjoyed an unexpected visit from my eldest who brought me up to date on her new educational venture, a course in court proofreading which hopefully will pan out to be salvation from her current career in geriatric nursing.

The youngest is in her 2nd week of suffering from a respiratory ailment but felt well enough to take her daughter to the movies.

Brother continues to have difficulties with the colostomy care and calls me repeatedly. Very stressful as he is so repetitive and yet I feel such an obligation to listen. Somehow must resolve this as it is affecting me adversely.

About 2 am enjoyed a thunderstorm which was bright and loud but held little rain.

Fell asleep way too early so was up a lot last night, but hoping to begin another in my Missouri Roadside series.



Grabbed a quick shot of the shelf in the garden shed to use as sketch material later. Most of the things on the shelf have been there for many years, just things that I find lying on the ground or elsewhere and and that ask to be to be saved, a motley assortment.

Weather app says it's 62*F today, a stiff breeze made it feel more like. But, nonetheless good weather for the ending of February in Missouri. I tramped about the yard looking for signs of spring and found some. The spinach is astonishing. The cover blew off the hoop house yesterday and since we are expecting rain had planned to take it off anyway so thank you to the wind. Even though a lot of it is frostbitten on the edges of the leaves from that serious cold snap we had, looks like we should have a pretty good harvest and maybe be able to pick some soon.

The melting snow revealed a whole lot of dog excrement so walking around out there's a bit like a Minefield right now but once it warms up will get that all cleaned up. I was quite excited to see that the poppies in the Bottle Tree Garden are coming up as are the ones we transplanted at the end of the tall raised bed. None of the poppies bloomed well last year so I am hoping for a better show this year.

Ordered a new mechanical pencil for my sketching  And, found a cool tie dye shirt on sale so I'm adding that to my collection so that soon I'll be able to wear tie-dye everyday for a year.