February 15th, 2018


B&W Challenge -Missouri Roadsides

1. Mawmaw's Shed

Temps reached near 70*F today, lovely though no sun, and though I was tired from Wednesday's luncheon I made myself get out there ( thanks to mallorys_camera for inspiration) Strolled down the road and took a few shots to use for sketching.

Predicted to drop into the 30's tomorrow, glad I forced myself out. Afterwards slept for a couple of hours until being awakened by Anah's voice.Threw together some spaghetti and crusty French bread and got the kids fed and on their way back home.

Feeling like I could go back to sleep again but will do my best to stay awake for a while. I don't like being awake at 3 a.m., the usual result of falling out too early.

2. T-birds Nest