February 14th, 2018



On the road to recovery, but slow going. My bite has shifted because of the missing tooth and my tongue rubs against my tooth making it sore. I think of my grandchildren and all others with orthodontics in their mouths in a much kinder way now. All that tightening and movement does hurt and mine have not been complainers. Jade, the youngest, just got hers off earlier this week. Can't help but think of them all with their cookie cutter smiles in the bazillions
of selfies flying around snapchat and instagram.

Today is the biweekly luncheon meetup. Not wanting to go, eating still a hassle and I'm tired. Rather wish to jump off the merry go round, but then I'd have no social interaction outside the family. Does that really matter? I enjoy being a recluse.

Dropped 5lbs because of the tooth thing that I didnt need to lose. Finding great irony that after a lifetime of dieting, I find myself needing to gain weight. Guess you never know how life will totally flip on you.

Being Valentine's Day we will celebrate as always by planting lettuce. No romantic gestures here.

Enjoyed drawing the cat, so will see what I can find of my own felines for sketches.

If you celebrate this day in the traditional way, may a romantic surprise come your way just oozing with LOVE.