February 8th, 2018


Tired of Being Tired

Home Health has been a blessing and with their help my brother has pulled himself together and is doing much better. It's really a moment to moment to moment thing. It doesn't take much to get him off kilter and then to lose hope. But  he bounces back and is sure he can make it on his own. I certainly haven't the slightest idea where this situation will be so am just holding onto to hope for a positive outcome.

His daughter took him grocery shopping so he was feeling well enough for that and is now well stocked with supplies. They made arrangements for a housekeeper and then had to cancel because he felt ill. He called yesterday elated that he was doing so well, but by nightfall didn't recognize his daughter. So it goes.

My niece spent last night here getting much needed rest after trying to sleep at her dad's on a cot. We enjoyed a delightful chat fest this morning talking about our oh so dysfunctional family and we laughed a lot. She left to go to Decatur to see her grandchildren leaving her brother in charge of dear old dad.

What has now been dubbed my "untooth" still hurts, though not badly and I continue to be totally exhausted and near the limits of my fragile emotional stability. Thinking a nap might be helpful I burrowed into the covers only to experience a series of weird unsettling dreams,  daymares? Now here I sit wide awake wondering how to distract myself.

Finished "Peaky Blinders" last night so no more gazing into Cillian Murphy's blue eyes. The husband is abed as usual but at least the dog is still awake.

Off to search my streaming options and hope tomorrow I feel well.