December 17th, 2017


Awake too late

Still busy with holiday prep and too tired to write when not busy. However tonight I can't sleep so seems I've got the time to but not much of an inclination.

Weather is becoming increasingly nice, sunny and temps in the 50's. Went to the Dollar Tree to get wrapping paper as Erin is supposed to come help wrap gifts. Bought a few Christmas tins to hold sweets for gifts. Realized I haven't been particularly charitable this year so need to find a salvation army bell ringer spot and donate.

Most gifts acquired x

Baked date spice balls and have  Mexican wedding cookies chilling, will bake in the morning. ×

Husband made panuche. ♡

Been knitting as much as possible on as hat I'm making for Trent. Arthritis in right hand making that a challenge but still hope that it will be finished in time.

Need to try bed again soon. I will need to be energetic tomorrow.

Erin asked if I want to go with her and the kids to Florida, leaving the day after Christmas. I'm thinking I'll say no for lots of reasons. But it's on my mind, contributing to my lack of sleep.