October 31st, 2017


31 October - just another day

Admittedly I woke up feeling sad this morning, a sort of "Pitiful Pearl" attitude, but I didn't let it hang on and ruin the day. Wanting to move forward on the sweater I'm still, yes still, knitting after the necessary chores were done I allowed myself 1 episode of "Stranger Things" and some knitting time. At least it's starting to look like a garment.

Although I haven't done any today I've been all excited about making these little bits of crochet that will someday become fabric and after that a hat, purse, or vest or? I haven't crocheted much in a lot of years so right now the key word is practice, but it's a fun way to use of scraps of worsted weight yarn and a a break from the intensity of the knitting.

The towels are now washed, dried and put away and there's a large casserole dish of Greek Chicken ready for whoever shows up. The eldest daughter, her husband and two pugs are currently living in their camper which is parked at Erin's house. The closing on the house they sold was two weeks in advance of the one they bought. I've been trying to have food available so they don't have to cook.

Tomorrow down will come the Halloween decorations. I only put them up because my granddaughter wanted me to and she did help put them up. Oops she won't be here when I take them down, but down they must come, well except for the gourds. They could be left sitting about till Thanksgiving if they don't rot.

We've had a hard freeze and now I'm hoping for some warmer weather (temps have been in the 40's) so that I can dispose of the last of the dead annuals as they look quite ugly.

I'm nearly finished with the book I've been reading, "Before the Poison" by Peter Robinson. Just the thing after being dragged down in the maelstrom of V. Woolf's life and work. I do love a good British mystery especially when there's a love story involved.

Nearly finished darning my favorite pair of purple sock and am finding the darning egg to be a great investment.

I stuck my witch pin on my hat, declaring it to be my costume for this year. Happy Halloween!