October 7th, 2017


Simple Goodness

Awoke this morning to the sound of raindrops falling on the roof. It's been raining now for 3 days and it's great. The Earth is no longer so hard under my feet and the leaves so crunchy that they crumble. Even before I started drinking my morning tea received a text from my daughter telling me to look outside and there was this beautiful rainbow. A great start to a day of simple goodness.

I dashed out and stood in the rain so I could get a few pictures of the rainbow. My daughter lives just to the east of us but her house sits on an elevation and so she had a much better shot then I did. So for a while we just exchanged pictures. The rainbow's end was directly above the house. Is that awesome or what?

A bit later and we talked about what we wanted to fix for lunch and we both decided that fried catfish sounded really good. So I agreed to fry the fish and she made coleslaw and some home fries. We sliced the last three big tomatoes from the garden. It was a wonderful meal.

I was pleased that I got to see two granddaughters at the same time and that they enjoyed the food. Went down to the daughters house and took some redbud trees that I had dug up during the Spring and Summer and she will plant close to her new home. Now I'm back at home myself and have been knitting on my sock. A day filled with simple goodness, a fine day, a day I hope to see repeated many more times as I live this life...