October 2nd, 2017


What a Difference

I'm amazed and grateful how quickly I can improve both physically and emotionally in the course of a medication withdrawal. Literally, the whole thing can "turn on a dime." Although I woke up and thought today might equal yesterday and I felt crummy for a while, now things are great. Or,  if not actually great, definitely tolerable. Since this is not my first rodeo, having detoxed from antidepressants in '09, knowing that relief can be just around the corner keeps me going. The brain is mysterious for sure.

Walked in the park this morning. It was a bit dicey as the many oaks along the trail are dropping acorns and one needs to watch where to step. I met this guy

slowly oozing along the path and was glad he was only about 3 in. long. I wouldn't want to meet a bigger version. The exercise is a big plus. All that serotonin fills in the holes left in my brain by the departing chemicals and is soothing.

Also helps that the house is not filled with people, noise and light. And, there are leftovers so no cooking,

Put together what I hope is the last pot of succulents as I am running out of places to put them.

And now I get to do something I want like knit, read, or even nap.

Life feels livable again.