June 16th, 2017


Friday Again

Just haven't felt like posting, but do read LJ every day. Been super busy working in garden. First green beans picked yesterday, been cutting broccoli, and pulling beets. The fridge is overflowing with veggies. Made creamed peas yesterday and pulled up the peas. Next year don't think we'll plant peas, too much work.

Attended a local Blues Jam at the 4th St. Theater. Built in 1913 as vaudeville and movie house, it has recently been renovated while still maintaining the original ornate decor. The music was barely in the okay range, but I enjoyed seeing the theater again.

Wednesday was lunch, which was at Nikkis house. Food was great, but she turned on the news and for an hour I was subjected to CNN and the shooting of the congressional baseball players. I haven't watched tv news in years and found it to be just as revolting as ever if not more so. So, not an enjoyable time.

The summer is passing quickly which is good as it is my least favorite season.

What a boring entry, no wonder I'm not writing much,