May 12th, 2017


The Friday Five for May 12, 2017

Credit to spikesgirl

1) What famous landmarks have you visited?
Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Smithsonian, site of the Boston Tea Party. Cape Canaveral (was called that when I was there), Mesa Verde. I really prefer natural vs manmade.

2) How has travel affected you?
Travel has uplifted me, made me really sick, and opened my eyes to the state of my fellowman. As well as being educational in many ways, it's also fun.

3) What are the best souvenirs you’ve ever collected while traveling?

Rocks. .I bring back rocks from all my trips.

4) What is your fantasy vacation?

Jamaica - on a cool day. I want to walk where Bob Marley walked. I want to see 56 Hope Rd. and smoke ganja with some rastas.

5) Would you want to be a space tourist?
No desire to be a space traveler, though time travel sounds good to me.