May 8th, 2017


And the beat goes on...

Cloudy today with a chance of music. Quite muggy, the air is so heavy. Not my fave kind of atmosphere for work, but I did get the cat cage cleaned. Since I live in a rural area where dogs are allowed to run free, two of said cats have access to the outdoors via a cat door that leads from the husband's bathroom to a cage with perches and grass and an outdoor litter box with sand. Maybe I'll take a picture, 1,000 words I don't have on the subject of the cat pen. But, I will add that after witnessing a pack of dogs rip a cat to shreds (not mine thank goodness) I was unwilling to let them become outside cats. However, Lynx, the feral cat we adopted a few years ago still goes out. She came from outside, and that is where she belongs. Lynx is currently on my "shit list" as she killed a bluebird and left it on the front sidewalk.

Anah is adapting to the braces, but complaining that she can't eat everything she wants right now. Ah the lessons we must learn. Very interesting watching her traverse developmental stages and not having the responsibility of laying down rules. I can't resist a suggestion now and then :) Grandchildren do make my life more interesting. And, they are so good at helping me with my phone.

My great grandson, Nicholas, (same age as Anah) received a 1 at the Macon Music Festival for his saxophone solo. Both he and Lainey play sax and both are talented. I have never really put in any effort into learning how to play a musical instrument. Erin and Anah left their piano here so I could try it. maybe.

In the gardens, all is great. Only one of the 2nd plantings of lettuce sprouted. I'm tossing the seed, must be too old. But the Red Sail is coming on well and will be so pretty in a salad. I've started thinning the kale, chard and mustard, but the top soil is already dry. We've had a lot of sun and a strong wind. Even after all that rain it dries out quickly. The beets will require much thinning, read somewhere to let them get to 3" and then simply cut the ones you don't want and then you'll have baby beet greens. Cool. Going to try that.

Saturday was National Garden Naked Day and I missed it. I was so tired that I slept off and on all of Saturday. What a disappointment. I had all these great ideas about how to create a picture that implied all I was wearing was my garden hat. So it goes. No naked gardening for me this year.

Over the weekend Joe built a perfect path from the gate in the privacy fence to the sidewalk to the house. That guy can still amaze me even after 40 years. There was only a slight incline there, but with everyone entering through that door and the rain, it had turned into a mudslide and both he and I could see our ancient asses flat on the ground, an ugly picture. So, he designed the path and laid it. Yep amazing.

I bought a Japanese Maple at Aldis for $7, if it lives I'll rejoice. If not, I won't feel bad. They grow so slowly that I hope I'm alive to see it reach some size. This one says it can get to 15 ft, but the light is not optimal where we planted it, so maybe not.

Most of my work time has been centered on the brick patio under the pergola. About 3 years have passed since I cleared those patios. Now for some incredibly unknown reason, my back is feeling quite good and I've been able to clear them. At least I've started. They
are buried under ground covers and English Ivy.

The basil is planted and a row of Romaine since the other stuff didn't germinate. Most of the spinach in the raised bed is gone, but the early lettuce is beautiful and radishes are coming on. I do love to grow my own food. The gardens become my canvas every spring and have never failed to lift the weight of winter off and recharge my batteries.

The asparagus continues to offer it's gift of delicious taste and stinky pee.

Peonies are opening, the red ones look especially rich. Once long ago some Japanese men came to the farm looking to buy goats. The peonies were in bloom and one of the guys asked if he could take a start back home to Japan with him and he did. I do not remember if they bought a goat.

Had a stomach upset, entered here just as a record.

The antique white rose is blooming, yet not so heavily as last year. I think I'll prune it soon. The winter was hard on my roses in general, wasn't cold so was it because it was dry? Just wondering.

And then, there's the music. In the small town near where I live, folks have restored an old theater, and tonight they have a Blues show. Daughter #2 goes. Am thinking of trying it so doing my best to rest. But, Nature sings to me, wooing me to come out. It's just too hot, if I just think about that, I can sit here and read.