April 9th, 2017


Busy Week

First I'll be staying with LJ if I continue to blog. Summer is busy and I am increasingly disillusioned by the Internet so have been staying away from it except for reading LJ and playing a couple of games. Too many ads, too much news and too much to do outside.

Eye doc appointment was at least quick, go back on Tuesday for results and maybe new glasses.

Picked spinach again this morning, lots left out there but I was chilly so just harvested a couple of gallons. The replanted radishes are up. Husband is readying the last of the raised beds for some green beans. I've started cleaning up the bottle garden and have lots of mulching to do. Just a little each day and eventually it gets done or not. I don't mind if it looks a bit wild. The service berry trees and the redbuds are in bloom and quite beautiful.

Going to be close to 80* today. We are going to the city as today is Anah's 14th birthday and she wants to spend her birthday money and eat there. Thus we are having cupcakes and homemade ice cream for breakfast.

Anah was an adorable baby and has grown into a lovely you guys woman. Proud to be her Mooma.