April 3rd, 2017


Not quite with it

Although I do seem to be mostly recovered from that nasty illness, I seem now to be depressed. Could be the weather, almost constant rain for two weeks. I am wanting quite badly to be able to get out and clean up the yard and gardens.

On the one day there was sunshine I was still feeling too crummy to do much, but did walk around and saw some more carrots had sprouted.

Before the downpour this morning, Erin and her dad built a pen for Moose, the puppy and finished it all except the gate, so another task checked off the list. She's headed this way and we're going to catch up on some videos.

Did have an enjoyable weekend. Tracy was here along with Erin and Anah, nothing special just hanging out and talking. Earlier we did get some pictures and shelves hung at the new house and furniture rearranged, starting to look like a real home now.