March 24th, 2017


Good Things

The guest bedroom is back together again as is my bathroom. Even though I feel totally crummy I located the artwork that I had taken down and rehung it this morning. Yeah!

And it's raining, real rain, blessed rain, slow and sweet and good smelling rain. Far too long has passed since we had any sky water like this and I am so happy to see it falling. It's a tad too late for most of the radishes who were lying all withered and brown, but I still have plenty of radish seed and time.

The rain has come at an especially great time. Earlier this morning before it's arrival I was full of wanting to go outside and rake, pick up sticks, and pull weeds. About that time I got a bad chill and then was drenched in sweat, a reminder - oh, you're sick. Took a bath and fell asleep for four hours. Woke up with a low grade fever, a head that is buzzing and a throat that feels like it's closing up. Yep sick.

Almost forgot to include that Erin's house now has countertop (except for the island) and the backsplash is done as well. I think it looks great and more importantly she loves it! She was going to go with concrete countertops, but it did not work so she went with butcher block and that has turned out nicely. Anah is spending most of her time training the new puppy. Yesterday she said, "Mooma, it's just like having a new baby." I could not help but agree. And, maybe most importantly Erin has a dinner date with a young man from Nigeria whom she met via work. She is nervous or excited, sometimes its hard to tell huh?

Ok, back to my blanket and book or TV and knitting if I can still sit up lol