March 20th, 2017


On the ragged edge

No time for pincushions the last few days as we have been moving Erin and Anah's stuff from our house to their new house. The we is mostly Erin and Tracy. I helped where I could and kept people fed and Anah was good about getting her room in order and cleaning those spaces. The husband is sick with whatever respiratory thing is going around and so basically all he does is trail around the house like "Marley's ghost" wailing and moaning and giving me a run down of all his symptoms. Thus, he has been unable to help. I gotta give my girls credit, they moved a lot of things from here just using the trunks in their cars as we no longer have a truck. They also moved everything they could carry up from the basement into the main part of the house. Last night they were both totally exhausted and today would both like to be at home sleeping rather than working, but they are definitely stalwart and are carrying on.

Erin still doesn't have a working kitchen due to issues with the countertops, so I'm trying to think of easy dishes that they can warm up in the microwave and eat. And, also working to get my own house back in order.

I hurt all over, but as long as I move slowly I can manage to walk so will hope to get some thing done around here. I am far too driven to sit in the middle of the mess and rest. I try, it doesn't work.

Had planned to plant some chard and kale today, not certain that will happen. Temps expected to reach into the 80's today so I really should pick the spinach and I guess I'd better get that done instead on sitting here typing.

The house feels empty without the kids, but they are close by. Change feels more challenging the older I get, slower to adapt I guess. But, enough of that as I am refusing to let my oh so turbulent emotions get hold of me today as I have work to do and "miles to go before I sleep."

Off to the spinach bed...