March 15th, 2017


Chicken Crosses Road

I cast off all responsibility today and devoted my time to pincushions. It feels delightful to have a creative obsession. Long time passing...

The directions were confusing but I managed to create a usable pincushion that vaguely resembles a chicken. Learned much from putting the first one together and will hope to have an improved version soon.

The husband brought me a bag of sawdust and wood shavings from his woodshopwhich I used to stuff the chicken. Definitely messier than fiberfill but very malleable and free.

Currently working on another felt one with embroidery. Temperature was 10 * F this a.m. so better to be inside making pincushions as there's not much going on outside.

When I brought the succulents in for the winter, a tree frog came in with them. during the warm spell he came awake and sang to me when I took a bath. Then silence. He or she was back today and he serenaded me again. Still have not seen him even though I've looked.