March 14th, 2017


Humpty Dumpty

About 5 this morning I proceeded to let the dog out. She runs on a long chain that stretches down to the pasture. For many reasons she cannot run free. Unfortunately for moi, the end of the chain was lying a distance from the door. Not noticing that the deck was iced over I stepped out and went down hard. My bad knee went out and I landed on the opposite side.

The knee thing is always painful and while I lay there breathing through the hurt, I froze to the ice. No one else was up so I peeled my parts off the deck and crawled inside where I had a little cry connected more to the ignominy of the situation than anything else. By this time I knew I wasn't badly hurt.

The dog was really quite understanding and concerned, didn't even try to escape, just looked at me quizzically like what are up to this time?

On the plus side, the husband washed the dishes and ran the sweeper and I'm pretty sure I can still make pincushions plus the sun is trying hard to break through the clouds.

Some Ibuprofen is next as soon as I eat something, don't like taking them, but today it feels necessary.