March 13th, 2017



OMG I actually finished a project and am off to make more. The nice spring weather went away and we were inside all weekend so I got out the pincushion I had started and amazed myself by finishing two. I think I'll cut out some more.

Felt crummy when I got up so took a 2 hrs nap and am much better now. Laid down with Inspector Morse and the cats and zoned right out.

Erin's house just might be finished this weekend. Sure hope so as we are getting on each other's last nerve.

Tracy went back to work after her bout of influenza Type B. She was off an entire week, don't think I've seen her that sick since she had walking pneumonia years ago. So glad she's feeling better now.

Spring has deserted us and there was a wee bit if snow this morning. The dog enjoyed it. So far the crocus and daffodils are holding their own against the frigid temps. I'm ready for spring to return, but till it does,  I've got pincushions to make.