February 20th, 2017


Doom and Gloom

The general atmosphere around here is Doom and Gloom. Skies while cloudy and dark show no real signs of letting go of any of the much needed water that might be up there.

Erin tookAnah to the pulmonologist today and received some not-so-good news. While Anah's  lungs and heart are all in great shape it appears that she has a problem with her vocal cords and they are closing instead of opening when she exhales. Also they changed her asthma meds to a stronger one and are requiring an active pulmonology scan next appointment. That means she'll have to be exercising while having the testing done. At least there's an easy fix on the cords done with speech therapy and throat exercises. Hopefully the new meds will fix the asthma for now. Erin came home with a migraine and shes in bed. Her house is way behind schedule and she's not at all pleased about that. I walked down there yesterday only to find that the guys who did the dirt work had destroyed my vintage glider. No one bothered to tell me. I have a call into that contractor and if I do nothing else but give him a piece of my mind I think I'll feel better.

On the upside there isWendels bread. I am a huge fan ofWendels cranberry walnut bed bread. It's a great company, family owned and made with good clean ingredients. I love a piece of toast made fromWendels with my morning tea. I had thought that the grocery where I purchase it was no longer going to carry it then today I discovered they had only moved it to the freezer, and now I am a happy camper once again. After contacting wendalls  customer service I also found out that I can order a case through Natural Grocers and haveWendels at my disposal every morning. If there's one good thing about getting old it's that I have enough money to buy exactly what I want to eat. It's not much but it's what I've got.