February 16th, 2017


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Started a post on my tablet and it ran out of juice, then got distracted by cleaning out the shower drain, now on the laptop which I probably should use more as it's much quicker to type on than anything else.

Certainly feels like spring outside, temps expected to reach the 60s, which is warm for February. Last year was similar with February acting like March. Wind speeds are ramping up, maybe as high as 30 mph this afternoon which is not bad, but I am not fond of gusty wind so may not try to take a walk as I had planned. Have been riding the stationary bike and being kind to my back so would like to at least give walking a chance again. If it hurts too bad, I'll just go back to the car. Living on a gravel road as I do, it's not great to just walk out the door and then down the road, but I am blessed with a park nearby with a great walking trail. At the moment my thoughts are of knitting and watching a few episodes of "The Expanse." While it's not Star Trek (what could ever be?), it's not bad for a knitting session.

Yesterday, grandson, Tai, was here. He wasn't feeling up to school, having a nasty cough and lots of mucus going on. Thankfully no fever. He slept for a while and then seemed much improved. Certainly his appetite was not affected. We had some good conversations. That boy is a talker.

With all this nice weather going on, I am feeling the pull to get outside, but really don't trust the weather forecasters, so am not starting raking back the leaves though I have noticed several plants that are "greening" up. Joe was going to uncover the spinach in the raised bed again to see if the lettuce has germinated, but changed his mind as the winds will only dry it out and the pump is not yet hooked up.

I'm in a quandry as to whether or not to go to Mexico with 2 of my daughters and their daughters. We wouldn't be going till the end of May and it gets pretty danged hot down there by then and I do not interface well with heat. But, it is on the ocean and there's always a breeze. I've been several times before, but that was when I could still walk without pain, so I'm a little concerned about that. The airlines are great about handicapped assistance and on our Colorado trip last year pushed me everywhere I wanted to go and you also get to board first. Does make the airport part much easier.

We've been taking trips together since the girls were babies and I'm thinking that now that both the girls are teenagers, the possibility of our taking trips together will diminish as they develop lives of their own. As always, when it comes to a decision, I am torn. There was a time in my life when I would make decisions in an instant. Somewhere along the years that has changed. Is that a part of aging? At any rate, I've got to decide by tomorrow and today's vote is YES, go, have another adventure. Even if I spend most of my time in the room, I'll be able to see the ocean and resorts have great room service.

hasta manana folks