February 7th, 2017


Slow day

The house cleaner canceled today so I cleaned for a while. But truly, the house wasn't that dirty anyway.

Didn't sleep well so decided to read as I continue to glide through the remainder of Colin Dexter's "Morse" series. Reading made me sleepy so I napped a bit and now that I'm up I think I'll do a couple more of the floors.

Looks like we'll have pizza later as it's the usual fare when the cleaner comes, and I didn't make other plans. Anah will be pleased I'm sure.

Wishing it would rain. Almost time to plant and we haven't had much moisture in any form all winter which does not bode well for the garden.

Made the gauge swatch for the sweater yesterday, but haven't been inspired to cast it on yet. Pattern begins with an elaborate cabled waistband which looks quite formidable so I need all my wits about me to begin. And, where are my wits, I seem to have misplaced them again.

Well, wishing and hoping will get me nowhere and at the very least I can start a dishcloth for Erin's new kitchen. I need lessons on how to do nothing without feeling worthless.