February 2nd, 2017


Sunshine on my shoulders

At last a golden day with rays of sun dancing across the floor and moving me to feel alive.

Working the toe of the dreaded sock so only a few more rows to go.

On another front is the rug which,  since we did the remodel last spring,  has been ever so bumpy and lumpy. It appears that rolling it up for storage did it no favors. The situation finally bothered me enough that I did something about it.  Using the stream iron and heavy books to hold it in place, tis looking more like it's old self.  There is much I dislike about the Internet, but it's great for DIY  info.

Trying a new recipe for dinner, chicken breasts stuffed with feta,mozarella, spinach and sundried tomatoes in theory sounds good, but could be a pain to stuff the breasts. But one must try new things.

Sheet rock is hung in Erin's new home, mudding this week. Went over to check it out and now the inside looks like a house. She's really antsy for it to be finished, understandably so. Maybe by February's end?

Guess I'd better get back to that toe, sure would be sweet to finish the sock today.

Peace to all