January 14th, 2017


And the ice did come...

Though not as much as predicted the earth round here is glazed with a thin shiny slippery skim of ice. I went out early wearing  thick socks and no shoes and managed to fill the bird feeders without falling on my butt.

Erin cooked lunch consisting of chicken schwarma, lemon rice and roasted veggies, awesomely delicious.

Anah had never seen "Castaway" so we watched that. I still shed a tear when he loses Wilson. She liked the movie but said it was depressing.

I'm ready to turn the heel on that darned sock that has given me fits of late.

Did 6 minutes on bike with no significant pain. Tomorrow will tell the tale on whether or not I get back on.

I rather like being iced in. No where I need or want to go. I am well supplied with food, books and yarn and content to sit and wait till it melts.