December 4th, 2016


50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 22

22. What is an ideal weekend for you?

I don't have an ideal weekend. Weekends aren't much different than weeks when you're retired. And, it depends on the time of year as well, what would be ideal in summer would not be in winter. I think I'd like to spend a whole weekend alone somewhere other than home, that would be different and I wouldn't have to cook or clean, I could just sleep or read, or write, or knit, eat what I wanted. But, I don't create ideal scenarios in my mind because things so rarely turn out in an ideal way that it's just a waste of time to think otherwise.

50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 23

23. What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?

If it works, why not. I've had lots of male friends, probably more than female friends in my life, but never what I would call a best friend. My daughter's best friend is a guy but he's a gay guy. They've been best friends since they were kids.

Probably better if you're friends with a guy to whom you're not sexually attracted, but that often has a way of popping up when you least expect it :)

On a Uneven Keel

Things have just not been right around here and I haven't felt like writing. Last Thursday the husband woke up with a dreadful pain in the upper left quadrant of his stomach. He was miserable. I tried to get him to go to the ER, but as usual, he didn't listen to me. When Erin got up she ordered him to get his clothes on and off they went to Columbia. They pumped him full of narcotics, but nothing took the edge off. So, they were just going to send him home, no diagnosis and a hand full of more pills. Erin said she wasn't taking him home until he showed some signs of improvement and requested a CT scan which she got. It showed nothing which was a relief, ruling out tumors, aneurysms, etc.

They came home. I whipped up a bunch of soft foods and he has a endoscopy scheduled for next Monday. He is much better now. Can eat small amounts without irritating whatever is causing the pain. Did not take the pain meds, but is now on two PPI's, Nexium and Zantac. We are thinking maybe an ulcer? Could just be gastritis, hopefully nothing horribly ugly. Glad to see him going outside and doing some laundry, ordinary things, stuff he always does. As much as I do find him incredibly irritating, he is a good human, and I don't want him to suffer.

I've been doing my stuff and his stuff so less time too. He usually grocery shops and picks up Anah from school etc. I haven't felt like writing about this drama until today. But, it's family history so I figure it needs to be recorded in some fashion.

Family history reminds me of how I spent a number of hours this morning. I find genealogy very interesting, if a bit confusing. And, because the kids bought me that ancestry membership, I think I should use it. Discovered a German connection that I didn't know about and traced it back to the old country.

Went with Erin down to her new digs. The walls are up, roof on and it's all wrapped. Inside is framed out and hopefully will pour patio next week. Don't know when as we have snow today, quite lovely snow, so thick you can't see, flakes clumped together looking like ragged pieces of tissue dropping from the sky. Looks like a couple of inches. More predicted for Wednesday. I love snow, at least I like to look at it.

It's quiet here. Anah is watching Gilmore Girls. I am in my bedroom avoiding Gilmore Girls. Erin is taking a test for some type of medical certification for her newest job. She is shut up in her dad's computer room on the desktop. The husband is in his bedroom, hopefully resting. When Erin is finished, I plan to get back on that damn stationary bike. Thought about decorating, but have no desire to slog through the snow to the shed where the decorations are stored.

So, back to knitting...oldest daughter has birthday at the end of the week and I'd like to have 4 or 5 dishcloths made for her by then. *note, I am not a fast knitter.

Oh, and I completed and blocked the shawl. Perhaps Anah will take a picture of it for me.

Wishing you ALL an easy Sunday, soft, and sweet