November 18th, 2016


50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 7

7. What was the worst phase in your life?

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Now this is one is a real challenge. How does one decide what was the worst? 1968 - divorced in June, remarried in Sept, got pregnant in Sept, widowed November. At the time I thought it was the worst.

1992 - Feb, 2 yr. old granddaughter dies in house fire, Mar, Mother has her first heart attack, on vent, never really recovers, Oct 19 Mother has another heart attack, dies in ER, wee hours of the morning...8 a.m. same day husband receives cancer diagnosis. He undergoes massive chemo and surgery, but is still alive and kicking today. I eventually had a nervous breakdown and ended up in the hands of a psychiatrist.

2009 gets a nod because that's the year I did a detox off all the drugs the shrink prescribed me after giving me a PTSD diagnosis. That was when I destroyed my spinal column from violently vomiting for days because of the withdrawal. Now living with the pain every day.

Gee that makes today look really great. Good to put things in perspective, today definitely isn't part of a worst phase.