November 15th, 2016


50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 4

4. Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?

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While I consider myself an introvert and certainly fit that category at this stage of the game, I can come across as an extrovert. If I'm nervous I talk loudly and rapidly. When I was younger and still had a lot of energy I held big parties, always had a house full of people, and had no problems with public speaking and heading up large projects. But, these days I'd much rather be sitting at home alone quietly knitting or reading.


the moon and other things

I had some anticipation of the "super moon," and was therefore outside this morning about 4 gazing at the sky. I will admit to some disappointment as from my vantage point, it didn't seem super and, in fact, was inferior to some blazing orange harvest moons I've seen. I observed the moon from the east and from the west and enjoyed the moonlight fully. Is it that nothing can wow me any more?

The weekend past was busy with children and grandchildren milling about and needing to be fed. Erin and her dad cooked up a nice meal and we ate a whole jar of the kraut we made last summer. Good times.

Tracy spent last night here and this morning took me to the doctor for a routine med fill trip, and then we went shopping for my upcoming birthday. Am very happy with the new shirts and shoes that she bought me.

Work continues on the house and the front porch has been poured, plumbing is being laid in the basement floor area and perhaps it will be poured on Thursday.

Anah and I are practicing Christmas carols to sing at this year's gathering. She plays the piano and since for the moment it's on my front porch, we just might make it happen. She and Lainey are planning some duets as well.

Wednesday lunch got switched to Friday so I have tomorrow to do what I want. I am now working on the border of the shawl so it would be so nice to finish it, however 12 rows of 387 stitches may take me longer than a day. My hands start hurting some times and I have to stop.

Can't seem to make the time to do any creative writing...hopefully soon

If I can stay awake perhaps I'll watch an episode of "Poldark." I do love to look at Aidan Turner.