November 10th, 2016


Changing my Habits

My usual habit is to get up in the early morning, since the time change that translates to 4 a.m. CST. Some days I pray, some I meditate, some I do both and there are days I just say hey to the Universe and thanks for waking me up again. Then, I feed the critters, turn on the tea kettle, and while it's coming to a boil, I gather up my book and my tablet. By that time the tea is ready (Earl Grey always) and I make some toast from my absolute favorite bread, slather it with butter and some cherry jam and sit down for a while.

Usually I move on to working here in the house. I am way too anal about cleaning house but even though I know this,it's hard for me to play before work is done. The result of this thought pattern is that I am too tired to have fun after I've cleaned the house. Thus, this week, before any work, I have been sitting down and knitting on the shawl which is almost complete. I've been doing less housework and more reading and knitting. I've added an every other day attempt (I shudder at the word goal) to ride the stationary bike 30 minutes.

I even meditated for 15 minutes and did part of a 20 minute yoga routine, maybe half. At least that's what I'd like to think.

The darkness comes early now. The sun has already dipped below the treeline and there's a brisk chilly breeze rattling the dry leaves. The trees to the south stretch their bare jagged arms to the sky in stark contrast to the lawn which remains as green as if it were June.

I hear guns in the distance, deer season?

And when it gets dark I get sleepy.

I'm gone.