November 7th, 2016



Throughout the day numerous people in our area have been receiving text alerts purporting to be testing the system.

Daughter #2 texts daughter #4 to ask her opinion on the texts as she had been receiving them too, and she has heard, read, or been told by others there is a suspected terrorist Internet attack in the offing in order to disrupt the election tomorrow.

#4 responds to #2 -  they are getting us ready for the Apocalypse.

Granddaughter (age13) says, "I hope the Apocalypse doesn't come tonight. I'd really like to finish school first," and continues making chocolate chip cookies.

So, if the grid goes down tomorrow, I'll eat all the cookies I want because it won't matter.

I hope they are coming soon to return me to my home planet, I have never belonged on this one.

Peace, love, and happy election day....