July 23rd, 2016


The good, the bad, the ugly

Going to see the new Star Trek movie today and hoping the bad reviews I've read are all wrong and that I'll like it.

Bad and ugly. The hot temps combined with rain have once again produced late season blight in the tomato patch.  I spent way too much time out there pulling weeds and pulling off affected branches. There are some nice maters at the top that maybe can be saved. Will spray tonight with baking soda water and see if the ugliness can be halted. 

It's 89° but feels like 100. I'm ready for fall. Never did like summer.

But on the good scale the pool is a serious blessing.


Star Trek Beyond

I loved it! I found that it held my interest, not an easy thing to do. As with most movies I see at the theaters these days,  it was loud and filled with gratuitous violence. But I just rolled with that. I find that this new set of actors who play the main crew are assuming the mantle of their roles well.

I don't mean for this to be a review. I'd never be able to compose an honest review because,  well, I just love all Star Trek, some incarnations more than others. I never really bonded with Janeway, but Jean Luc, now I could have bonded with him anytime.

I do cringe at the cost of seeing a movie in the theater. On Saturdays in the small town where I grew up, a can of food gained you admission to a dramatic western in black and white, course.  I was in love with Roy Rogers, though the Lone Ranger was extremely cool.

The previews showed a remake of Ben Hur. Morgan Freeman  appeared complete with dreadlocks. It might be worth viewing. Been many a year since I saw Charlton Heston in the title role.

I'm tired now.

May you be at peace.