June 24th, 2016


On this Friday-

I awakened to discover that the thermostat had been lowered and there was a sweet breeze blowing. Was inspired to to do some more clearing near the lower brick patio.  It has become a veritable jungle out there. Wisteria entwines with porcelain vine to create a canopy over the pergola Joe built years ago. The ivy battles with the creeping Myrtle over territory and bugle weed carpets the rest. I was ruthless wracking,  pulling and chopping as if I was trapped in the tropics.

Worked a bit more on opening up the path through the herb garden. Ran into a patch of poison ivy and I backed off from that area. Erin was making a run to the recycling center, so I assembled a box of plastic pots and cardboard which she took out there for me. It's really good to have her help and companionship. I am grateful to the max that they are not moving to Ohio. Someday I may write about all that,  but it's not time yet.

Had thought about taking a walk, but it's too hot now.  Path clearing will have to follow in the exercise category for today, and I did run the vacuum. 

I'm reading "Life After Life" by Kate Atkinson. Only about 100 pages to go. I've not read her before and while I'm not "mad" for this book, it has kept me entertained for 469 pages. And now I'm thinking that a book and bath would feel good.