May 27th, 2016


And the walls

Are now painted. Color is good, workmanship excellent and the last bit will be complete tomorrow.
!"long sigh of relief "!

Decided to leave the ceiling natural - knot holes and all and am liking the way it looks.

Started the onerous task of cleaning the sheet rock dust off of all surfaces in laundry room. At the rate I move, that chore could take a week.

Maybe carpet on Tuesday.

Maybe furniture on Wednesday.

I'll be ecstatic when I can move the cat box back to its usual spot in the laundry room.

I'm super grateful that we were able to have the ceiling issues repaired, but truly I sure hope I don't have any more home construction in the foreseeable future.


I never expected...

I never expected to love you, at least not as intensely as the feeling came to be. I thought we'd have a drink, maybe two. Didn't really even forsee a kiss or an embrace, never expected that now at a time so late in life, that I would want to live with passion as a partner. Thought all that past. Yet now I see feel desire expect more and certainly soon. There is not much time left for us.